Street Division

Residential streets within the Town are maintained by the Street Department which is a division of the Department of Public Works.   Major thoroughfares are maintained by the North Carolina Department of Transportation. New streets and driveway connections to Town owned streets must be approved and constructed in accordance with design requirements of the Town of Weaverville Street Standard Details for Construction and Specifications. Street cuts, sidewalk cuts, and road shoulder cuts into Town owned Rights of Way by any person or utility require a Street Cut Permit which is available through Weaverville Public Works Department located at 15 Quarry Road.   

The Street Department provides the following services on Town maintained streets:

  • Paving, resurfacing, and pavement patching
  • Sidewalk maintenance and repair
  • Maintenance of ditches, culverts, drain inlets, etc.
  • Sign installation and maintenance
  • Right of way maintenance and monthly mowing
  • Snow and ice removal

In some areas street lighting is provided by the Street Department on both Town and NC DOT maintained streets wihtin the Town limits. If you see a  street light is out or having issues contact Public Works. If you can give us the pole number or physical address it would be helpful. We will handle the rest. 

Property owners and occupants are responsible for keeping their property clean and litter free including adjacent sidewalks, grass strips, curbs and gutters to the edge of street pavement.