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Establishing Residential Water Service

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If you are purchasing or building a home here in Weaverville you will need to sign up for water service.  You will need to come to Town Hall, located at 30 S Main Street in order to apply for service.  

If you are purchasing a home or business, you will need to complete the Application for Service. We will need your Name, Driver's License Number, Address, and phone number.  We only open accounts in the name of the Property Owner.  We will, with the permission of the property owner, mail a copy of the bill to another address.  There is a service fee of $25.00 to open an account.  There is also a deposit for opening an account.  Please see our rates and fees for more information about deposits.  If you have any questions, please contact Debbie or Melinda at 828-645-7116. 

If you are building a new home, you will need to apply for a new water tap by completing the Application for Water Tap and Service Connection.  You will need to fill out this application and bring it to Town Hall.  Water Department personnel will review the application and contact you to let you know if service is available.  If service is availabe, you will be required to pay the appropriate tap and capacity depletion fees.  Please take a look at are tap and fee schedule for more information about these fees.  

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