Meet the Mayor

Welcome to the website for the Weaverville Town Government.  On this website we have sought to provide you a source for locating information you need about the Town and its government.  In addition to what you find here, our staff at Town Hall will be happy to talk to you about any thoughts or questions that you have.  A joy of small town life is being able to talk directly with Town leaders-bureaucracy does not get in the way. 

If you are looking to get involved in Town governance, you will find yourself welcome.  The Town has many advisory boards that are made up of citizens of the Town and the surrounding area.  You can find more inforamtion about each of these boards, by clicking here.  You will also find a form for indicating your interest in serving on these boards by clicking here.  The Town also publishes a calendar of events on its website that will keep you up to date on the schedule for meetings of the Town Council and other Boards and other Town events. 

If you are considering Weaverville as a new home for you or your business, look carefully at the About Weaverville Section of this website.  It shows that we strive to welcome green, forward-thinking businesses.  At the same time, it notes that we have won the Tree City USA award every year since 1991, and we were selected as the NC Tree City of the Year for 2009.  This has not happened by accident.  For years, Weaverville has taken seriously the challenge of embracing the beauty of our natural surroundings, and as stewards for the Town, the Town Council has set this as a high priority for hte Town.  You will find this a great place to live. 

Do you have other ideas for our website or Town?  Please let me know.  And, enjoy Weaverville!

Dottie Sherrill,