Fire Marshal

The Town of Weaverville Fire Marshal’s Offices primary duties include the investigation of all fire within the town limits. This includes determining cause and origin, collection of evidence at fire scenes and working along with the Asheville-Buncombe Arson Tasks on suspected arson cases. This gives the Town Fire Marshal direct access to the resources of the State Bureau of Investigation and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Fire Arms for solving investigation cases.

The Fire Marshal's office also provides inspection of all commercial property in the town limits, and assists the Buncombe County Fire Marshal’s Office with inspections outside of the town limits. The primary purpose of these inspections is to identify and have corrected any situation that can cause a fire or create a direct hazard to life safety.  Common violations found are improper storage of combustibles, locked or blocked exits, usage of extension cords, issues with required life safety equipment.

Each inspector with the Fire Marshal’s office has received specialized training in application of the State Building Codes, administrative laws and ordinances.  Every effort is made to educate business owners and/or managers in maintaining safe practices in their properties. If a violation is noted, it is explained, in most cases simple solutions are offered and time given to make corrections.  The Fire Marshal may issue citations and/or take other routes such as ordering removal of electrical service, water service, gas service and closing of the property until such time as repairs are made.  Every effort is made not have to take extreme measures, but to work thru the issues without resorting to them.

The Fire Marshal also provides plan review for life safety features of all new commercial buildings, looking at alarm systems and fire protection systems for proper application of the State Building Code.  This is to ensure the buildings are as safe as possible and reduce the chances of a fire.  The Fire Marshal offices also issues permits for construction and annual operation of several mandated hazards as required by the State Building Code. 


Contact: Fire Marshal Kile Davis  828-484-7033