The Weaverville Police Department is divided into a number of operational units.  Each of these units has responsibility for a different police function or service. 

Investigation Division

 The Weaverville Police Department Investigation Division is responsible for investigating all major felony crimes from the crime scene through the investigation and into Court.  In addition, the Investigation Division is responsible for investigating some misdemeanors and other felonies.  This Division is also responsible for maintaining the department’s evidence room, pawnshop detail, domestic violence/sex crimes, crime scene photography, background screening, forensics, and business crimes. 

 Detective Alan Wyatt is in charge of the Investigation Division.  Detective Wyatt was chosen as Detective for the Weaverville Police Department based on his knowledge, skills and abilities and for his desire to do the specific job of Detective. He is highly schooled in such areas as death investigations, crime scenes, fingerprinting, evidence handling, forensics, court presentations, surveillance, interviewing, etc.

Not all cases requiring follow-up investigation are referred to the Detective. Many are retained in the Patrol Division. If you have reported a crime and it has been assigned to the Detective, you would normally be immediately contacted by the detective. If you wish to check on the progress of your case, and the Detective has not contacted you, you should check with the police officer who took your report.

Phone Number: 828-645-5700

Evidence Technician

The mission of the Evidence Section is to accept, catalog, safeguard, store, produce as required for court, return to legal owner or otherwise legally dispose of all property coming into the custody of the Weaverville Police Department.

Property received by the Evidence Section includes evidence related to all crimes investigated by the Weaverville Police Department, and contains general property of all descriptions. All property coming into and leaving the Evidence Section is subject to strict legal constraints. It is given a computerized bar scan which is attached to the package/evidence and logged into the Evidence Database.  Property that can be legally returned to its rightful owner is done so in a timely manner. Contraband is destroyed when it is no longer needed for a criminal case.

Detective Alan Wyatt is responsible for our evidence storage and procedures.

Patrol Division

The men and women within the Patrol Division are committed to preventing and combating crime in the City of Weaverville. All Division members are highly trained and adept in responding to emergency and other calls for service, and are committed to a mission of preserving the peace and protecting the public.

Aside from responding to dispatched calls for service, officers are encouraged and held accountable for true problem solving efforts - initiatives that make a significant impact upon the community. These efforts are monitored by supervising Sergeants and Corporals. The department proactively initiates saturation patrols and special enforcement details. Alcohol stings, speed enforcement, driving while impaired enforcement, etc.

The Patrol Division continues to focus on the criminal cycle involving theft, fraud, and narcotics related issues. It utilizes educational strategies to raise the awareness of citizens and businesses, coupled with selective and proactive enforcement actions, to impact and reduce such crimes.