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Establishing Commercial Water Service

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If you would like to establish service for your business at location that alreay has water service, you will need to complete an Application for Water Service.  You can obtain this form by visiting Town Hall or you may download it by clicking here


If you would like to establish water service for your new business, development or other use other than a single family home, you will need to fill out an Application for a Commitment Letter.  After this letter has been received, Water Department personnel wil complete the necessary engineering review to deterimne if water service is available for the requested use at the requested location.  If water service is available and the Town has determined that it is in the Town's best interest to serve the request, a Commitment Letter will be issued stating the availability of water and any conditions and restrictions that may apply. If water service is not available the Applicant will be so advised.
Commitment Letters are valid for a period of one year and may be renewed by the Applicant for an additional one year period. Extension of Commitment Letters beyond the second year is in accordance with applicable Town Code(s).

The application for a committment letter may be obtained from the Weaverville Town Hall, Weaverville Public Works or may be downloaded from this web site. In completing the Application be sure to include ALL INFORMATION REQUESTED as to Type of Service, Capacity Requested, Project Description, AND ATTACHMENTS as indicated on the Application. Incomplete Applications will not be processed . The completed application may be returned to Town Hall by Mail, Hand Delivery. There is a non-refundable charge of $35.00 for processing this Application. Upon approval, the applicant will be responsible for paying a Commitment Fee based upon the size and number of connection involved in the commitment.

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