Our History

The Town of Weaverville existed as a community of farmers long before it acquired the name of Weaverville.  As early as 1803 there are records that indicate roads were being constructed in this area.  In addition, there was an iron works that was constructed where Lake Louise is today.  One of the first settlers in the area was John Weaver, for whom the Town is named. 

Over the next 70 years, more and more people moved into the area and several churches and schools were built.  By the early 1870’s, Weaver College had grown out of the old Masonic and Temperance School.  In 1875 the North Carolina General Assembly officially incorporated the Town as Weaversville.

The Town was dissolved from 1904 until 1909 when it was re-incorporated as Weaverville.  The Town was dissolved in order to get the State of North Carolina to perform road work on Main Street.  In 1908 electricity came to Weaverville, in 1912 the first water system was built, and in 1911 the Town got a phone system.  All of this was accomplished through the leadership of John V. Erskine who was Mayor during this time. 

Over the years the Town has seen steady growth as more and more people and businesses moved to the area.  Now the Town boasts a number of high tech industries including Arvado Digital Systems, Thermo-Fisher Scientific, and OTS.  The Town has grown from a very small population to the home for over 3,500 residents.